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The Try-Angle: a tool for audience development

The European audience is rapidly changing yet a lot of existing music venues struggle to bring in a new crowd. Audience development is deliberate work, not something that happens automatically. But how do you start? And what can you learn from other venues? After studying a series of best practices during the 2017 and 2018 […]

For music venues, booking great bands is only half the work

The smaller the band, the more they rely on live music venues. While successful acts have an easier time mobilising a fanbase it can be very hard for an up and coming band to fill a venue. Ideally, a small venue can find at least 30 people for an unknown great band at any time. […]

The City Isn’t Meant To Be Empty

The pandemic is a game-changer for cultural venues in Europe. After a year of uncertainty and turmoil, a path to a new future emerges in which building communities will take centre stage. Over a year ago, a day before Belgium went into its first lockdown, I spent my day in Brussels. I remember wondering if […]